RMA Contract Services

Digital Imaging

We provide high quality, accurate and if required, archival quality digital images from different origins (hardcopy, microfilm, microfiche, film amongst others). Our services are all-inclusive, allowing clients to experience holistic services such as packing, secured transportation, reassembly, storage or destruction.

Digital Mailroom

Gain better control of your mailroom processes through the use of our Digital Mailroom Solutions. Through the use of document scanning, our text recognition algorithms can pick up and automate your mailroom processes by classifying and distributing them to the relevant personnel. Our solution not only allows you to save a lot of time and resources that can be put into better use, but also increase efficiency, close gaps in document control and prevent loss of valuable mail to increase productivity for your organization.

Evidence Act Digitalisation

RMA Contracts provides the digitisation of documents as “electronic record” under the Evidence Act (EA) process. All digital documents that undergo the EA process can be admitted as evidence during court proceedings. RMA provides complete control of both processes and documents from start to end allowing clients’ to bridge the legal issue of digitising the print medium.

Mail Fulfilment

We provide the optimization, preparation and delivery of your mail requirements with the handling and tracking of physical and digital mail. We seek to maximize your response rate, minimize any wastage and optimize your mailing processes to ensure that your mailroom, which is an integral part of any organization, operates efficiently and without any fuss.

HR & Payroll Services

We provide a seamless experience for our clients’ by integrating integral HR components such as reimbursement, leave management and time-keeping to our payroll system allowing simple and effective management of your payroll. Our administration staff are on-hand to share our experience with matters such as; CPF, IRAS, IR21, staff consultancy and advisory services to provide the ‘Human’ factor in Human Resources.

Data Entry

We provide Key-from-image together with Data Image Capture Software to provide high data quality, accuracy with a fast turnabout time. Our responsiveness and ability for adaption allows us to create new processes to effectively resolve our clients’ problems.

Call Centre

We provide a tailored, comprehensive call centre service to create a real engaging experience for both the expected audience and clients. We will provide expertise, we will increase your bottom line and our highly-trained, motivated agent teams will be available to your customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Courier Services

We cover your urgent, time-sensitive delivery requirements with our fleet of delivery drivers providing a highly reliable, confidential and trackable document and parcel delivery services.