RMA Contract Services

Digital Imaging

We provide high quality, accurate and if required, archival quality digital images from different origins (hardcopy, microfilm, microfiche, film amongst others). Our services are all-inclusive, allowing clients to experience holistic services such as packing, secured transportation, reassembly, storage or destruction.

Digital Mailroom

Gain better control of your mailroom processes through the use of our Digital Mailroom Solutions. Through the use of document scanning, our text recognition algorithms can pick up and automate your mailroom processes by classifying and distributing them to the relevant personnel. Our solution not only allows you to save a lot of time and resources that can be put into better use, but also increase efficiency, close gaps in document control and prevent loss of valuable mail to increase productivity for your organization.

Evidence Act Digitalisation

RMA Contracts provides the digitisation of documents as “electronic record” under the Evidence Act (EA) process. All digital documents that undergo the EA process can be admitted as evidence during court proceedings. RMA provides complete control of both processes and documents from start to end allowing clients’ to bridge the legal issue of digitising the print medium.

Mail Fulfilment

We provide the optimization, preparation and delivery of your mail requirements with the handling and tracking of physical and digital mail. We seek to maximize your response rate, minimize any wastage and optimize your mailing processes to ensure that your mailroom, which is an integral part of any organization, operates efficiently and without any fuss.

HR & Payroll Services

We provide a seamless experience for our clients’ by integrating integral HR components such as reimbursement, leave management and time-keeping to our payroll system allowing simple and effective management of your payroll. Our administration staff are on-hand to share our experience with matters such as; CPF, IRAS, IR21, staff consultancy and advisory services to provide the ‘Human’ factor in Human Resources.

Data Entry

We provide Key-from-image together with Data Image Capture Software to provide high data quality, accuracy with a fast turnabout time. Our responsiveness and ability for adaption allows us to create new processes to effectively resolve our clients’ problems.

Call Centre

We provide a tailored, comprehensive call centre service to create a real engaging experience for both the expected audience and clients. We will provide expertise, we will increase your bottom line and our highly-trained, motivated agent teams will be available to your customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Courier Services

We cover your urgent, time-sensitive delivery requirements with our fleet of delivery drivers providing a highly reliable, confidential and trackable document and parcel delivery services.

RMA Consultant Services

Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower outsourcing is required when organisations need to complete a task in which they don’t want to hire new employees or they lack the expertise in a particular industry. RMA can supply all types of required talent ranging from junior positions all the way up to senior management roles. With our specially developed in-house system, we manage the staff’s payroll, leave records and timesheet. We also provide in house training to the staff in order to enhance their work-related skills.

Payroll Services

One of the essential processes for all business is the preparation of payroll and salary payment to the employees. The process can be complicated and time consuming which is why many companies have chosen to outsource this specific task. RMA has developed a comprehensive payroll system and the payroll team is well trained to handle all aspects of payroll processing, including managing the employees’ statutory contributions and taxes, maintaining payroll file of each employee, computing and reimbursing claims, providing payslips, processing increments and bonuses, as well as providing payroll reports for our Client’s review.

Human Resource Management

RMA offers an HRM System, an in-house proprietary system that is presently used to manage the outsourced manpower of our Clients. Our Clients will be able to generate management reports, manage and monitor the leave record and benefits of employees, as well as store and track employees’ performance appraisals. Apart from this, our knowledgeable IT consultants and developers are experienced and flexible in supporting the system for any enhancement following Clients’ requirements. With the hassle of managing human resources being fully managed by our HRM System, our Clients will be able to focus on their business objectives.

Permanent Placement

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is in demand as it enables organisations to save cost in their recruitment processes. Organisations may pay by transaction rather than by staff member, thus avoiding underutilized staff or forcing costly layoffs when business activities are low. By understanding the organisation’s needs, RMA Consultants assists to recruit permanent staff across all industries and job functions to be placed under the organisation’s payroll. We take care of all our Client’s recruitment activities from screening and selecting until the offer negotiation as well as implement and manage a comprehensive onboarding process within the appropriate time frame and budget.

Temporary Placement

RMA also provides temporary workforce to fulfill our Clients' various temporary project needs. With an extensive candidate database, we are able to supply candidates with different qualifications and experiences within a short turnaround time.

RMA Project Services

Project Implementation & Management Plans

RMA provides our clients with high standard and comprehensive services to project management in the most cost-effective approach. We ensure that project completions are met on time and within the desired cost, quality and safety requirements.

Project Audit, Verification & Validation

Project Audit, Verification and Validation is essential for productive cost management that reduces the total project costs. RMA offers our clients with a technical expertise in construction process from canvassing of bids to final payment. Additionally, RMA acts as the arbitrator between the owner and the general contractor.

Performance of Risk & Cost-Benefit Analysis

A balance between cost and value is important in all construction projects. RMA performs risk and cost-benefit analysis for our clients to evaluate and monetize all possible outcomes to determine if the project under consideration is desirable. We help our clients make wise decisions by providing them impartial information and financial guidance.

Preparation of Estimates & Baselines

RMA produces accurate estimates and cost baselines to identify the expected cost of the project and schedules when that money will be spent. RMA makes certain that balance between budget and quality requirements by our client are achieved.

Project Financing Assistance

A project needs sufficient financing to be able to proceed. RMA has built strong relationship with numerous investors and financial firms and we can facilitate a correlation with any client to help finance their needs.

Permitting & Submissions to Authorities

RMA facilitates all the permitting and submissions to respective authorities necessary for the commencement of all types of construction projects.

Construction Management

RMA has in-depth experience in providing construction management services to our clients such as coordination and supervision of the construction activities, control of project timelines and costs, and quality inspection of the construction work.

Detailed Design

RMA assures our clients that the overall design solution we produce satisfies the project’s objectives. We provide refined outputs, cost build up estimates, procurement plans, etc.

RMA Infoworks Services

Software as a Service

We provide tried and tested applications such as (HRMS, CRMS, DMS and Incident Reporting Systems) to you as reliable and yet cost-effective web solutions. These systems have been used in different industries of oil and gas, accounting, law and construction amongst others. Our hosted solutions have its own track record and we are pleased to provide them to you as a web application.

Custom Development

From requirements gathering to designing, development, testing and implementation. We strive to implement security together with stringent management processes to ensure that the system developed would be in accordance with what you require.

IT Helpdesk

We seek to establish a single point of support for your company’s critical IT infrastructure and end users’ hardware and software needs. We seek an end-to-end responsibility of the calls till resolution and are always ready to answer support calls and troubleshoot any errors that your users might face.

Web Hosting & Cloud Services

We provide Storage as a Service (StaaS) utilizing either dedicated or shared server (multi-tenant) cloud hosting solution based on cloud platform to facilitate in the hosting of websites, files or email clients.